A Pounding Payback Tansy Foster



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A Pounding Payback  by  Tansy Foster

A Pounding Payback by Tansy Foster
| Kindle Edition | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, audiobook, mp3, RTF | 28 pages | ISBN: | 5.36 Mb

Brooke is the resident bitch in the accounting division at Klein and Jensen. Shes used to getting what she wants no matter how underhanded the methods.Little does she know that her co-worker, Kylie, has been watching all of her moves and is ready to dish out a little workplace vigilantism.A Pounding Payback is a sexually explicit SHORT STORY (7,200 words). Contains oral sex, lesbian sex, light domination, double penetration and gang banging.EXCERPT:Jordan pulled Brooke’s lips apart so he could make sure that every part of her pussy was available to his mobile tongue.

He alternated between a pressured stroking that spanned from her throbbing clit to her pussy hole to her never-been-fucked asshole, giving each destination a sopping wet salute. She moved rhythmically to his nonstop circular motion.“Think I can get a little bit?” Ryan called from the loveseat just a few steps away. Kylie eased up off of the tongue fucking she was getting to meet her man’s ready and waiting cock. She got on her knees, facing the back of the loveseat.Ryan slid his meat into Kylie’s slippery pussy and without even laying hands on her hips, began to pump her.

She pulled her backside open so he could go deeper into her body. She loved having him balls deep and he willingly obliged, watching as her wet little cunt swallowed his seven inches stroke after stroke.The moans of the two women, combined with the grunts of men in a furious fucking heat, filled the living room like an orchestra of sexual deviance. The ecstasy of it all was overwhelming and just when it seemed like Brooke was about to let a pint of her sweet juice spill out of her hole, Jordan pulled his tongue back in. She humped the air, crying out for “hmmmck, hmmmck” with Mike’s dick fucking her mouth.“No cumming for you bitch!

Just keep on sucking that cock in your mouth,” he snapped.“You mean keep sucking these TWO cocks,” Dominic said pulling out a smooth nine incher that looked like it could’ve been a model for the world’s best dildo.

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